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Mar 2015: Daily updates of RealVol SPY Index data are now live. View our tables, gauges, and charts.
Feb 2015: News Release announcing upcoming launch of RealVol SPY Options on BOX
Jan 2015: RealVol SPY Indices now available on VolX web site and VolX mobile site
Jan 2015: BOX files rule change with SEC allowing for the listing of RealVol SPY Options
Jan 2015: Commitments from three order-flow providers finalized, with more to come
Jan 2015: Commitments from two market-makers finalized, with more to come
Sep 2014: BOX Options Exchange signs exclusive license with VolX to list RealVol Options



RealVol SPY Index
31 Mar
 RealVol SPY

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Source of Underlying Data: NYSE Arca

The VolX Concept

The Volatility Exchange (VolX) has developed RealVol Instruments and RealVol Indices based on realized volatility as defined by the RealVol Formulas.  RealVol Instruments can be listed on any asset and are designed for every major marketplace:  futures, options, securities, and over-the-counter. RealVol Indices are available in one real-time version and nine daily versions used for contract settlement of RealVol Instruments and as a factor to consider in making investment decisions.  The RealVol Daily Formula measures daily (close-to-close) realized volatility of an underlying asset over a predetermined time frame.  Realized volatility measures movement of an underlying asset regardless of direction.  VolX products offer market participants the unique opportunity to trade or hedge against actual price risk directly in a listed, centrally cleared, transparent environment.

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The VolX FAQ is available at: Frequently Asked Questions

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1-month RealVol SPY Index. Charts: Cones:

1-, 3-, and 12-month vol of vol. Charts:

1-, 3-, and 12-month correlation. Charts:

VolX Announcements

Sep 2014: BOX signs agreement with VolX to become the exclusive provider of RealVol Options on SEC-regulated instruments.

A pioneering study by Mr. Sixiang Li demonstrates how adding an active long RealVol futures overlay can be beneficial to a buy & hold equity index portfolio. For a 4-page summary click here. For the complete paper, click here.

RealVol Indices are now available on the go using your handheld device.  Just type

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Coming Events

 Launch of RealVol SPY Options on BOX shortly after SEC approval

 Come join BOX and VolX at the Options Industry Conference, Miami Beach, May 6 to 8

 Come for our free pre-conference presentation at the Moneyshow, Las Vegas, May 11 at 3:00pm

 Global EQD, The Equity and Volatility Forum, Las Vegas, May 20 to 21

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